A passion for working with people

Guiding people is something that I have found very interesting and enjoyable from an early age. As a counsellor in social care, in my early years I mainly focused on people with a (mental) disability. Meaning something for someone else and supporting them where necessary is the basis of my enthusiasm for working in the care sector. During my education I became curious about the origin of behaviour in both people with and without disabilities. This curiosity was the main motive in my next step, graduating as an Applied Psychologist.

Human behavior

While studying Applied Psychology, curiosity was answered with a wide range of insights into human behaviour. Different target groups and themes such as stress, health, emotion and research were discussed several times. Furthermore, I was able to broaden my knowledge about (inter)cultural differences during a study adventure in Portugal. After four years of studying a very practical form of psychology, I was ready for my last step, a professionalization in the area where my whole life my passion lies, the sport!

A combination of sport and psychology

The Master Psychology of Sports and Excercise at the German Sports University in Cologne brought me this professionalization. The combination of psychology and sports that was central to this master’s programme introduced me to the relationship between the body and the brain. Through scientific knowledge and practical skills, I quickly developed myself into a sports psychologist. The last part of this study was my master’s thesis. In this thesis I tested the impact of a 360-degree video in Virtual Reality on cyclists. This new method helps cyclists with their route exploration, self-confidence and reflective ability.


My interaction with Erik has been incredibly valuable. Working with him has been a game-changing experience, and I consistently witness the positive impact it has on my performance each session. Erik has a unique ability to take the lessons we learn in one season and apply them to the next, guiding me towards my goals through the incorporation of sports psychology in my season preparations, competitions, and post-competition reflection. His expertise and guidance have been pivotal in my journey towards the 2026 Olympics“.  

                                                                                                      – Akwasi Frimpong (Skeleton) –  

“The cooperation and contact with Erik is very pleasant. I feel I can share everything with him and sometimes talk about things I don’t talk about so easily with others. The conversations with Erik have helped me enormously through the season and I have made a lot of progress mentally as a result”.

                                                                                                                   – Demi Vollering (Wielrennen) –

“Erik’s approach adds value because he is able to understand and get through to players on an individual level. Also through this knowledge, he allows a group of unique characters to connect into a high-performance team”.  

                                                       – Thomas Jansen (Headcoach, Royal Belgian Football Association) –

“Erik is involved with the KNSB as a lecturer for the mental module in the trainer-coach training courses. He is also the founder of the workshop: safe sports climate. Erik exudes knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, and transfers this to the course participants. The feedback we receive from course participants is invariably positive, and in particular the way he uses practical examples and interactive working methods is experienced as effective and pleasant”. 

                                                                                       – Marieke Jonker (Training Coordinator, KNSB) –